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We provide a diversified employment subsidy program with the government.

Stable Employment Plan 2.0:
To enhance domestic employment opportunities, employers are encouraged to hire unemployed persons through employment incentives and employment incentives to assist and stabilise national employment.

There have been 13 participants since the year 2021.

Research and Development Substitute Services:
To cooperate with the national economic development, effectively use male servants' R & D expertise to enhance the industry's R & D capabilities and competitiveness.

In December 2021, the company passed the R&D alternative employment employer program.

The Youth's Employment Ultimate Program:
For young people within the age of 29, combined with industrial resources, the training unit will provide vocational training for young people to be pragmatic and practical according to the needs of employers.

There have been 3 participants since the year 2021.

Youth Stable Employment Program:
Unemployed youth under 30 or above who have graduated from high school or vocational school in Taoyuan City will be employed stably through employment incentives.

There has been 1 participant since the year 2021.

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Benefits & Welfare

Employees' Benefits and Welfare


  • Weekends Off
  • Menstrual Leave
  • Annual Leave
  • Maternity Leave/Paternity Leave


  • Marriage allowance
  • Funeral allowance for employees and dependents
  • Technical allowance


  • Year-end bonus
  • Holiday bonuses
  • Birthday bonus
  • Performance bonuses
  • Employee dividends


  • On-site health services
  • Birthday party
  • Year-end Party
  • Dinner Party


  • Labor & Health insurance, group insurance (accident insurance / medical insurance / cancer insurance / occupational disaster insurance)
  • Employee's dependent insurance
  • Provision for retirement pensions
  • Employee travel insurance


  • Reserved parking spaces
  • Employee health checks
  • On-the-job training


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