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R&D design and development

Our R&D department has two sections: electrical and mechanical; we have 3D electromagnetic analog software and network analyser, radio room, circuit board etching machine and 3D printers such as CST and HFSS. According to the new product development operation procedures, we start from the simulation design, sample trials, and test verification to the completion of the trial production, cooperate with the customer's customisation needs, and propose the most appropriate product solution.

At the same time, we simultaneously consider the easy-to-produce and mass production, quality stability and reliability of production during the product design stage and transfer to manufacturing and quality management units through the trial production stage to improve production efficiency Essence.

Main Development Product
  • Antenna:
Portable Antenna
Magnetic Antenna
Fiberglass Antenna
Panel Antenna
MIMO Antenna
IoT/M2M / Automotive Antenna

  • RF Connector
  • Cable Assembly

Product design and development process

1. Product Inquiry

Receiving customer demand consultation, the R&D team first analyses the customer's product use environment and requirements and proposes the most suitable solution for customers.

2. Design and development

R&D electrical engineers will use simulated software for product modelling, impedance matching, antenna field and gain calculation and optimisation. Institutional engineers use 3D drawing software for structural design, analysis, reliability calculations and analysis.

3. Sample production

Samples are made based on the best scheme calculated during the design phase and provide preliminary validation.

4. Test verification

Product development will be verified by complete electrical testing and weather resistance reliability verification to ensure that product quality meets customer application requirements.

5. Trial production

We establish a complete set of operational processes from design and development, product technology to trial production, by the development engineers personally to the production line guidance, together with the biotechnology engineers, quality control engineers for trial production, to achieve the product mass production, quality stability, cost optimisation goals.

R&D Software Tools

Ansys HFSS/CST 3D electromagnetic simulation software and iCAD 3D computer drawing software

R&D Experimental Equipments

PCB Engraving Machine/3D Printer Network Analyzer/3D Far Field Anechoic Chamber

Patents and Certifications

  • Certifications

    ◇ 2016 LTE M2M Antenna Development
    ◇ 2016 Cooperated with foreign communication manufacturers to develop LTE SISO/MIMO outdoor antenna development
    ◇ 2017 Cooperated with domestic communication manufacturers to develop WiFi multi-frequency band MIMO antenna development
    ◇ 2017 Cooperate with domestic automakers to develop GPS+Glonass multi-band antenna development
    ◇ 2018 High frequency coaxial connector development (2.92mm connector: 40GHz / 1.85mm connector: 67GHz)
    ◇ 2018 Development of multiband MIMO antennas for automotive ceilings (LTE/WiFi/GPS/Glonass)
    ◇ 2019 Cooperate with domestic communications manufacturers to develop ultra-wideband LTE+5G router antennas
    ◇ 2020 Cooperate with domestic communications manufacturers to develop small base station antennas for 5G enterprise private networks
    ◇ 2020 Cooperate with foreign telecom operators to develop high-power small base station antennas for 5G enterprise private networks
    ◇ 2021 Cooperate with domestic communications manufacturers to develop 5G high-gain flat-panel antennas
    ◇ 2021 Efficient multiband MIMO antenna development (LTE/5G/WiFi6E/GPS/Glonass)

  • Patents

    ◇ Taiwan/099/New Antenna Structure Improvement
    ◇ USA/099/Invention Antenna structure improvement
    ◇ Taiwan/099/New array antenna structure
    ◇ Taiwan/099/New Coaxial antenna device that can be used for NMO connectors
    ◇ Taiwan/099/New 2.5GHz_037_TS1 45 degrees dual polar array antenna structure improvement
    ◇ Taiwan/099/New PIFA antenna structure
    ◇ Taiwan/099/New unipolar antenna structure
    ◇ Taiwan/101/New antenna fixing assembly
    ◇ Taiwan/103/New antenna structure
    ◇ China/103/New Antenna structure
    ◇ Taiwan/104/New small multi-frequency antenna structure
    ◇ Taiwan/104/New dual-frequency composite antenna structure with wide bandwidth
    ◇ Taiwan/105/New circular polarized antenna
    ◇ Taiwan/106/New antenna structure
    ◇ Taiwan/108/New broadband dipole antenna structure
    ◇ Taiwan/108/New dipole multi-frequency antenna structure
    ◇ Taiwan/108/New multi-frequency antenna structure
    ◇ Taiwan/110/New antenna structure

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