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No. 5, Dong-yuan 2nd Rd., Zhong-li Dist., Tao-yuan City 32063 Taiwan.


Core Values


A Joymax component is in every IoT device in the world.

Brand Promise
We relentlessly focus on supporting our customers success of implementing wireless design into their IoT devices and launching mass production.

Core Values

  1. Highest integrity with our associates, customers and community.
    Integrity is never compromised in our daily work. We always do the right thing. Ensure that our work benefits the communities where we operate.
  2. Customer Satisfaction by thinking differently and innovatively.
    Focus on delivering a better experience to customers by doing things differently and better in all aspects from engineering to sales to operations.
  3. We can do it! Empower every customer engineer to succeed in wireless design.
    Bring a positive “can-do” attitude, taking action, and entrepreneurial spirit to help customer implement wireless sucessfully. 
  4. We are humble team players.
    No ego. Bias for “We” instead of “I”. Focusing on resolving problems, not complaining others.
  5. We learn by doing.
    Taking the initiative to growth professionally to acquire new skills and abilities.

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