Module Development Kits


TI CC2530 ZigBee Modules pin to pin test board

● Quick and easy test for TI CC2530 ZigBee Modules
● Competitive Cost for engineering test


● Test board for TI Development Kits
● Available for Joymax’s TI ZigBee Modules

The MD-JN5148DK Development kit provides a complete environment for the development of IEEE802.15.4, JenNet and ZigBee PRO applications based on the JN5148 wireless microcontroller.

● Complete SDK and network stacks
● JenNet stack for quick and easy development
of proprietary systems
● ZigBee-compliant platform
● Unrestricted development environment
● Rapid application development and demonstration
● ZigBee profile support with increasing number of clusters
● Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) library for ZigBee PRO Smart
● Energy security available from Certicom


● JN-AN-1005 Wireless UART
● JN-AN-1046 IEEE 802.15.4 Application Template
● JN-AN-1123 ZigBee Pro Application Template
● JN-AN-1132 Customer Module Evaluation Tool