LTE MIMO Antennas

LTE 3G/4G 698~2700MHz MIMO Outdoor antennas for IP-65, High Gain Antennas

LTE MIMO Antennas, Wall Mount

* 698~960/1710~2700MHz
Multibands available
* High Gain Performance
* IP65 Waterproof

LTE 2*2, Wi-Fi 2*2 & GPS/Glonass 5 in 1 Thru-hole mount

* 5 in 1 Multi-functions Antenna design
* 2*2 Wi-Fi MIMO covers 2.4+5GHz broadbands
* 2*2 LTE 4G MIMO covers multibands of 698~960/ 1710~2170/ 2400~2700MHz
* GPS covers L1 band 1575.42MHz & Glonass 1590~1610MHz
* Thru-hole Mount or L Bracket Mount Available
* Extension cables terminated with SMA connector
* Meet RoHS/ REACH Compliance

3~5dBi LTE MIMO Omni-directional Antennas

LTE Dual Mode MIMO 2 in 1 Antennas
-Low Profile, Dual Linear Antenna Design
-High Peak Gain, Multi-band and Broadband Application
- 3 in 1 Mounting Antenna, Wall,Suction and Stand Mounts Available
-RoHS Compliant