R & D

Our R&D department develops high performance products to meet existing market demands. We invest over 7% of turnover annually in R&D, and putemphasis on new product type, product design and quality, production technique and efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for operating ODM customers. Total participation and quality upgrades help to meet our customers' requirements.

Antenna Test Environment for Near Field

Joymax has acquired the sole agency in the Asia Pacific area from MI Technologies for the construction of 3Dchamber and antenna measurement technology.    

Antenna Simulation Software:
CST (Computer Software for Antenna Design)
3D Electro-magnetic Field Simulation

Antenna Test & Measurement:

Anechoic Chamber
Measurement Software:
MI Technology Antenna Measurement System

3D Far Field Anechoic Chamber:

Fabricated by MI Technologies
Range: 400MHz to 11GHz
Size: 6 m x 6 m x 8 m   
Support Two Rotated Axis to get 3D pattern
Test Quiet Zones :up to 1m2