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Wi-Fi 2.4+5GHz M2M Outdoor Antenna

* Wi-Fi 2.4+5GHz IEEE802.11a/b/g/n Application
* M2M Application
* Automotive, Geographic Surveying, Sport and Recreation application

24~44 GHz Dual-Polarized Horn Antenna

* 24~44GHz broadband design, high efficiency
* Dual polarized horn antenna
* 15.5dBi high gain, high performance
* 2.4mm female connector
* RoHS/ REACH compliant

C-band Interference Filter

* 3600 MHz~4200 MHz Interference Filter
(other frequency options available)
* Stable and compact design
* Excellent VSWR
* Low Loss and high rejection
* Environmentally sealed at IP66
* RoHS/ REACH Compliant

LTE 5G Antenna

* LTE 5G Broadband Antenna, High Performance
*Covers multibands of 3.4~3.8 GHz /3.6~4.2 GHz /4.4~4.9GHz/5.925~7.125GHz
* Low Profile Design
* SMA connector direct Mount
* Meet RoHS/ REACH Compliance

LTE 4G Adhesive Mount Antenna

* GSM/ UMTS/ CDMA 698~960/1710~2170MHz Devices
* LTE 4G 700/2300~2500/ 2500~2690MHz devices
* 3G/4G Mobile Gateway, Femtocell Devices

LTE 3G Adhesive MIMO Antenna

* GSM/ UMTS/ CDMA 800/900/2000 MHz Devices
* 3G Mobile Gateway, Femtocell Devices

LTE 4G/5G Portable Antenna

*GSM/ UMTS/ CDMA 698~960/1710~2170MHz
*LTE 4G 700MHz/2300~2500MHz/ 2500~2690MHz
*LTE 5G 3400~3800MHz
*5G Low/High Frequency Cells

LTE 4G/5G Adhesive Mount Antenna

* LTE Low-Band/ Mid-Band Multibands Available
* Low Profile, Broadband Performance
* Adhesive Tape/Glass Mount Design
* Meet RoHS/REACH Compliance

LTE 4G/5G Outdoor Antenna

* GSM/ UMTS/ CDMA 698~960/1710~2170MHz
* LTE 4G 700MHz/2300~2500MHz/ 2500~2690MHz
* LTE 5G 3400~3800MHz
* 5G Low/High Frequency Cells