About Joymax

Joymax Electronics Co., Ltd., was founded in 1994, has been keeping the leading edge in the industry with continuous R&D facilities investment for antenna test and measurement.We exploit our expertise and equipment infrastructure to offer total solution with fast and accurateoutcome.The spirit of Joymax is customer credibility, product reliability and continuous product innovation for future market evolution. 

Joymax designs and manufactures Antenna, RF connector and Cable Assembly products for today’s major wireless communication applications, including 4G/5GLTE, Ham Radio, LoRa / NB-IoT, M2M, GPS/GLONASS, RFID, DAB/DMB, DVB-T, and ISM Band. We also have launched the new product lines of 5G / mmWave Antennas, Waveguide Adapters, and related mmWave components for a few years.

Joymax has built 3D chamber through MI Technologies, and extra OTA/PIM System in the chamber, the world’s leading supplier of all instruments used to accomplish Microwave Antenna Measurement.

The chamber has shortened our research and development period meeting the rapid request of product design, which also enhanced product reliability and most importantly leaded to customer credibility.