Joymax  Wi-Fi  2 in 1 MIMO Panel antennas are major applied to the IEEE802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz for a high throughput high gain performance design.

WiMAX 2.4GHz MIMO Patch Antennas

12dBi MIMO WiMAX Patch Antennas, 2.4~2.5GHz
\\'-MIMO 2.5GHz 2 in 1 Antennas for WiMAX IEEE802.16d/e
-Low Profile, ±45°polarized, Antenna Design
-High Peak Gain, Available for Different Spectrum Application
-Wall Mount or Stand Alone Mount Available
-RoHS Compliant

2.4GHz MIMO Antenna

* 2dBi Omni-directional Indoor MIMO Antenna
* 3 in 1 MIMO save cost and space
* Available for For IEEE 802.11b/g 2.4GHz, such as AP, Router, etc.
* High Gain
* Easy installation